Institutional Repositories

An institutional repository is an online locus for collecting, preserving, and disseminating – in digital form – the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution.[For a university, this would include materials such as research journal articles, before (preprints) and after (postprints) undergoing peer review, and digital versions of theses and dissertations, but it might also include other digital assets generated by normal academic life, such as administrative documents, course notes, or learning objects.

The four main objectives for having an institutional repository are:

  1. to provide open access to institutional research output by self-archiving it;
  2. to create global visibility for an institution’s scholarly research;
  3. to collect content in a single location;
  4. to store and preserve other institutional digital assets, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost (“grey”) literature (e.g., theses or technical reports).

  1.  DSpace at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (DSpace@IIMK)

  2.  Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Digital Library

  3.  IISc, Bangalore

  4.  Queenland University of Technology

  5.  NUI Maynooth ePrints and eTheses Archive

  6.  Lancaster E-Prints

  7.  Bournemouth University

  8.  Worcester Research and Publications

  9.  James Cook University, Australis

  10.  IIM, Ahmedabad

  11.  DSpace@MIT

  12.  Stern School of Business

  13.  Experimental Economics Center, United States

  14.  IE Business School

  15.  DSpace at Jadavpur University

  16. Norwegian School of Economics
  17. BRAC Business School (BBS)
  18. University of Pitsburg
  19. Dublin Business School
  20. London School of Economics